TV Advertising Works


There’s nothing like the potency of colour, sound and movement, which is why television advertising remains one of the most powerful ways to get your message across. For many local businesses however, high airtime costs, complex licensing agreements and geographical wastage has kept TV advertising in the shade. Mustard TV has changed all that. We’re the dedicated channel for Norfolk – and the region’s fastest growing media – taking your message to affluent viewers who buy their products and services close to home. Contact our friendly team today on 01603 772867 or click here to find out how we can bring your brand to life on the screen.

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Key stats:

122,850 viewers tune in to Mustard TV at least monthly.

That’s a 35% increase year on year.

The equivalent of filling Carrow Road 4.5 times over…

and the UEA’s main gigs venue over 80 times.

86% of our audience are aged 35+

57% watch with others.