Airtime on Mustard TV

Why Airtime?

There’s something magic about television. It’s filled with excitement. After all, it’s not every day a camera crew visits your place of work. Once we’ve established your objectives, our team get the wheels in motion, ensuring your TV commercial (known as an “Airtime Ad”) stands out on screen. Highest production standards? Of course! Wow factor? Absolutely! We can even provide you with edited versions for use on your website and social media channels. And unlike traditional TV advertising, you’re not tied to costly licensing arrangements. Mustard makes it simple, effective and most of all – enjoyable – because being on TV should be.
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What’s a Still ad?

A great economical way to get on the screen. You provide still images, we create an eye-catching slide show, complete with voice over, music track and titles.

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What’s a Custom Animation ad?

Our in-house graphics wizards sprinkle their animation magic onto the screen, conveying your message quickly and easily. Whether a classy, contemporary or kookie look, the possibilities are endless.

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What’s a Live Action ad?

A touch of Hollywood – Norwich style! We come to your location with our camera crew, film all that’s great about your products and services and edit into a slick, memorable, gorgeous TV ad that will make your brand stand out from the competition.

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Targeted at the right audience

Need to reach a specific demographic or customer type? With a range of family focused and genre specific programmes, we can position your commercial in the right place at the right time.


No hidden extras!

With Mustard, what you see is what you get. All compliance (Clearcast) is included.


Can I use the commercial elsewhere?

Many production companies only allow you to use your commercial for a short period of time, sometimes a couple of weeks – so even though you’ve paid them to make it, they charge you over and over. This is where TV advertising becomes costly and we think that’s wrong. Once we’ve made your commercial, YOU own the copyright and can use it – for free – again and again on Mustard TV and on your website, social media, e-newsletters, office screens, wherever you like! It’s another reason why Mustard goes the extra mile for local businesses.


Can I use the commercial on other TV stations?

Absolutely! Our commercials are made to broadcast standards. We can even discuss this with other broadcasters on your behalf.
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