Introducing Team Mustard: Fiona Ryder

Posted on Wednesday 19th March

Now it’s the turn of Managing Director, Fiona Ryder.  Despite not being a Norwich local (the horror!), Fiona has taken to the area like Colman’s took to Mustard – she’s well and truly a born-again East-Anglian.  Tying Fiona down to answer our questions has been no mean feat- she’s either meeting David Cameron or managing everything Mustard!

Being the Managing Director of the hottest local TV station in the UK is some task, and Fiona is ultimately responsible for decisions, direction, oversight and, generally, leading Mustard – to TV!  Today, we give you an insight into the woman leading the team, behind the (future) best local TV station in the UK. 

Managing Director - Mustard TV

Family life

1 – What’s your role at Mustard TV?

Managing Director.

2 – What does Norwich mean to you? 

As an ex Londoner, I’m a relative newcomer to Norwich – but I love the warmth of the people, the city’s history and heritage and the fact we’re not frightened of being different.

3 – Favourite spot in Norwich & why?

The Plantation Garden, Earlham road.  It is a stunning “secret” garden, set in nearly 3 acres in the heart of Norwich, restored and maintained by a team of committed volunteers.  I absolutely love its peace and beauty and that it seems so incongruous in the city.

4 – Experience in your professional field? 

More than twenty years experience in the film, TV and video industry working my way up from runner to production assistant, production manager, producer, executive producer and quite a few as the boss in a number of companies.

5 – What do your previous jobs include?

Baker’s delivery assistant; my first job at the age of five, helping the baker with his delivery round after school for an hour a day.  I earned 50p a week and thought it was riches beyond belief.

6 – Something no-one at Mustard knows about you?

I was a walk on “punk” extra in the film “Sid and Nancy”.

7 – 5 things you can’t live without? (OK so there’s 7- she is the boss after all!)

  • My family and friends, especially my three wonderful children and Finn, our fox red Labrador
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Books
  • Time outdoors; in the garden, woods, beach or skiing in the mountains.
  • iPad & iPhone
  • A challenge

It’s more than five – but sometimes you have to bend the rules when creating something new!

8 – Why should people tune in to Mustard TV?

It’s focused entirely on Norwich and Norfolk which makes it unique and extremely exciting.  Our ethos is that Mustard will be warm and welcoming and is made by and for the people of Norwich.  We want people to engage with the channel, phone us in the studio, tweet us, get involved and help us build the best local TV station in the UK.

9 – What would you be doing if you weren’t working at the hottest new TV station in the country?!

Learning something new!

10 – What’s your biggest passion in life?

Mustard TV of course!

If you’re a fan of Twitter, give Fiona a follow and hear about all things Mustard, straight from the MD’s iPad or iPhone!

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