Sporting a New Look: Programme Additions Coming to Mustard TV

Posted on Wednesday 25th May

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The beady eyed amongst you may have noticed a few changes in the Mustard output of late, title sequences have changed, our dusty old automated service has been re-tooled as the ‘Norwich Newswire’ and we’ve hopped up a place on the EPG to Channel 7. Well things aren’t slowing down, and changes to content are fast approaching with some brand new programmes well on their way.

Sunday 22nd May saw annual charity football match Jamie’s Game return to Carrow Road for a fourth year, and this time all the high-scoring celebrity action was captured by our trusty Mustard TV cameras, and our extensive full match coverage will broadcast tonight! Wednesday 25th May at 7.30PM.

Finally on Wednesday 8th June we’ll be rolling up our sleeves and jumping into the ring for Contenders, East Anglia’s mixed martial arts headline event will be hitting the Norfolk Showground, where Mustard TV will be ready and waiting with exclusive coverage of Norfolk’s answer to the UFC!

And as always, if you miss any of the action live on Mustard you can always catch up via our On Demand service at

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