Mustard TV Programming

Mustard TV was broadcasted live for five hours a day during its run between May 2014 and August 2015. During the time, the station endeavoured to maintain a strict focus on news and currents affairs occurring within Norwich and surrounding areas at the expense of national and international news. Mustard TV had a huge advantage over other regional stations in that, its parent company Archant could literally feed them all the local news they could carry since the latter owns local publications like North Norfolk News, Eastern Daily Press and Norwich Evening News.

For variety, the station also tried to include bits about local businesses, cooking, sports, and entertainment. The regular programmes shown on the channel are as follows:

The Canaries were covered extensively on Mustard TV. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Mustard News

An hourly news segment devoted exclusively to local news. It was aimed to compete with ITV Anglia.

The Mustard Show

A lifestyle show scheduled at 6.30pm daily. The show is in the same vein as Good Morning Britain, but with exclusive local flavour. Hosts Darren Eadie and Helen McDermott present all the latest on openings, art shows, musical performances, cooking segments, and local life. The show gained a little notoriety in April 2015 when McDermott was caught using a swear word on Eadie. Eadie returned the favour by calling her a ‘relic’.

The Pink Un Show

Hosted by Michael Bailey, the show is about Norwich City and their adventures in the league. The show didn’t get off to a good start though, as its first ever live broadcast, a preseason friendly between Norwich City and West Ham, failed due to satellite issues. However, a recording of the match managed to be air 90 minutes later.

Beth's Book Club

As the name implies, the show is a discussion on books between members of panel led by host Beth Davison